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My interest in hostas began when a friend took me shopping.  I bought my first few hostas and filled spaces in my postage stamp size yard.  In time I planted over 80 varieties of hostas.  I was on my way to making my world beautiful.

Now I live in a home with a two and a half acre lot.   I've managed to collect and plant over 500 varieties of hostas.  Growing hostas is my passion.  I will share my growing tips with anyone.

Some of my hostas are for sale to the public.  The ones for sale are usually potted for at least six months and have an established root system.  Please call or email to set up an appointment.

Marilyn's Hosta Garden  

hosta pic1 hosta pic2
Gold Drop Marilyn

A hosta is a sport.  That is, when talking about sports in hostas, a sport is a mutated form of another hosta.  Church Mouse is a sport of Blue Mouse Ears.  A sport of Church Mouse is School Mouse.  Church Mouse was registered as a miniature hosta by Walters Garden, Inc. in 2012.

The plant is called a sport when a mutation leads to a stable color combination.  Then the fun begins by naming the hosta.  This hosta with curvy green leaves and lavender flowers was given the adorable name of Church Mouse.  You can plant this hosta next to Hosta Praying Hands for a divine garden.

Church Mouse is another of my hostas that I leave in pots all year long.  If I find another hosta that I want in the spot where the pot is, I simply move the pot and plant a new hosta.  Plus I experiment with the sun tolerance capability of my hostas and having them in pots lets me move them easily.

Church Mouse will sit quietly in your garden thankful that cats only eat real church mice.  Let it grow for a few years and the mound will be 8 inches tall and 14 inches wide.   Then this little sport will have a winning position in your garden.  If you listen closely you might even hear this miniature Church Mouse roar.  Or maybe that roaring sound is the beating of a hummingbird’s wings greeting you with thunderous applause.  They might be saying thanks for being a sport and planting this lovely and tasty hosta for us.