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Hostas are a lot of fun to plant and grow.  They require very little care and will look beautiful year after year.  You can plant just a few hostas to add variety to your garden or create a hosta only garden.  The American Hosta Society has 5859 hostas listed on their website.  With this many hostas, there are enough to fill any garden.

I started with a few hostas partly because I had a small yard.  They provided a beautiful oasis on my city lot.  Adding a few hostas each year kept my enthusiasm alive and wanting more hosta varieties.  Soon I was up to 80 hosta varieties.   Each hosta had some unique feature that made them different than all the others.  Now that I fully had the hosta growing passion, it was time to come up with my hosta garden theme.

A theme for a garden can be any number of interests.  Some people have gardens just to attract butterflies.  There are gardens that attract hummingbirds.   A hosta garden can have a main theme and then multiple themes based on that main theme.   You can choose to showcase each hosta of the year and surround these hostas with their sports.  With over 5000 varieties, the choices are endless.

My theme has become miniature hostas.  A miniature hosta is one that has a leaf area of 6 square inches or less.  These hostas are the most appealing to me.   In a relatively small space, many different beautiful hostas can fill a patch of shade under a tree.  A shady corner of the house filled with hostas might just be the curb appeal you have been looking for.

My suggestion is to go to your favorite provider of garden plants and buy a few hostas.  Place them in your yard, water them, and watch them change throughout the year.  You will see the scape rise out of the hosta to display a beautiful flower.  You might even see a hummingbird stop by to have a little dinner off the flower. In the late Fall the leaves on some of my hostas turn a beautiful golden color. They are becoming dormant and will grow again next Spring.

There is a wealth of information on the American Hosta Society website.  Read the President's message.  Check out information about the National Convention.  Enjoy your new hobby. You may find that adding just a few hostas in your yard is all you need.  You just might find that planting a hosta garden with over 500 varieties will provide many hours of satisfaction and enjoyment.